Puppy Love

I have a confession: I love my dogs. They are spoiled rotten. I am a crazy dog lady. I will talk your ear off about all the cute, adorable things they do, and I will show you photos of them until you want to break my camera phone.

I know we have all heard the news stories about the billionaire heiress that died, leaving her entire fortune to her yorkshire terrier. I promise, I am not that crazy. But, I do want to make sure that if something should happen to my husband and I, our dogs would have a caretaker and enough money to pay their vet bills and keep them in the plethora of toys they have been accustomed to.

We are lucky—we have a wonderful neighbor that loves the furry members of our family almost as much as we do. We know she will give them a happy home if we aren’t around any longer. We also know we don’t want to burden her with potentially more than a decade of dog care expenses. Vet bills, dog food, treats, toys, grooming and boarding costs add up quickly, especially if a pet experiences an illness. Both of our pups also have allergies and need Benadryl seasonally, along with their standard preventative medications and vaccinations.

So—what is the solution? Creating a pet care trust under the laws of South Carolina! While you can’t devise money directly to your animals from your will, you can create a trust fund for their care which will provide for their financial needs. It is a quick and easy solution that allows you to rest easy, knowing your pet will be provided for. My husband and I feel better knowing that our wonderful neighbor can focus on loving our sweet pups rather than worrying about how she is going to pay for their next trip to the vet. Asking her to open her home to two extra animals is huge—but knowing they won’t be a financial burden makes it easier for her to say yes.

Do you have pets? Ask me to include a pet care trust when I plan your estate.

Yours truly,

-Sarah P. Edgecomb, ESQ.

Managing Attorney
Sarah P. Edgecomb, P.C.

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