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2.0 Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

According to a Harris Interactive study, slightly over half of all adult Americans do not have a will, and even fewer have trusts or other estate planning tools in place to protect their interests, wealth, and families. If you’re reading this and find yourself in the majority, it’s not your fault! Between ineffective “one size fits most” do-it-yourself templates and confusing, expensive, and intimidating law firms, the landscape for estate planning leaves many people, like you, on the sidelines. That is, until now. At Edgecomb Law, we’ll review your goals, design a custom solution that’s right for you, and help you stay on top of your estate planning with regular reviews—all for a reasonable, flat rate.

We solve problems for people just like you every day. The most common questions people ask us when it comes to wills, trusts, and estate planning are:

  • How do I protect my assets?

  • How do I reduce my estate taxes?

  • How do I avoid probate of my estate?

  • How do I control distribution of my estate?

  • How do I provide for a minor or handicapped child?

  • How do I make a planned gift to an individual, organization or charity?

  • How do I appoint someone to act on my behalf if something happens to me?

If you have one (or more) of these questions, or would like more information, call us today at 800-990-2048 for free to discuss your estate planning goals!

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