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3.0 Our Values

At Edgecomb Law, we provide South Carolinians with effective solutions that help them achieve their goals and protect their dreams. To that end, we hold up certain values at the firm that drive our actions, every day. We hope that these values are ones that you seek in a firm, and we hope we have the opportunity to exemplify these traits as we work together to achieve your goals and protect your dreams in the near future.


We commit ourselves to obtain the highest standard of professionalism and legal ethics in our efforts by: (1) avoiding any apparent or potential impropriety; (2) openly disclosing all relevant relationships to prospective and clients; and (3) refusing to place firm monetary interests ahead of client interests.

Effective Solutions

We commit ourselves to providing outstanding legal counsel and work product of the highest quality, using the full extent of our knowledge and creativity to develop solutions that are not purely template and form driven. We refuse to compromise quality in order to provide a lower price, or offer services which will not fully meet stated client needs.


We commit ourselves to the idea that the attorney/client relationship is much more than a business transaction. It is an extension of trust, especially during some of the most confusing, stressful, and difficult times in a person’s life. We will make resources available to clients at all times to give guidance, security, and comfort. Additionally, we will manage our workload and human resources to ensure that all clients can reach us and utilize us when they need us.


We commit ourselves to developing extremely well-considered and well-organized work product that clients have the ability to understand without the need for a law degree. We refuse to be pretentious or assume that any information is beyond the ability of a client to understand. We will respect the intelligence of all clients and thoroughly educate them to ensure that they understand their circumstances and the potential benefits and consequences of all actions performed by the firm.

Flat Rate Pricing

We commit ourselves to developing flat-rate pricing models for all services offered by the firm to ensure that we can provide customer service openly, without client fear of additional billing or fees from us, and that we can provide work product to our high standard of quality without the external pressure of compromising to stay within billable hour requirements.

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